4 Reasons why email marketing is important

It is economical and cost effective

What makes email marketing really important for most organizations is its ability to reach very many consumers at very low rates, close to nothing per message. For small businesses that operate on a limited budget, email marketing the most cost effective way of doing promotion campaigns.

It is personal and customizable

Email marketing provides options that allow you to segment your audience into mail lists, with each list receiving the tailored email message(s) that are relevant or resonates well with the readers.


Deep penetration of mobile phones in masses allows people to frequently check their mail. Your promotion campaign, therefore, reaches your audience wherever they are, instantly. Even some close rivals of email marketing such as social media marketing aren’t that convenient.


When it comes to analyzing the performance of your campaigns, email marketing doesn’t disappoint. All email marketing software come with analysis features that check such parameters as individuals in the audience who actually opened the mail, who clicked which links, and how many people in the audience unsubscribed among others.

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